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Can an illegal immigrant obtain a tax ID?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The answer is that Illegal immigrants can get a Tax ID number.

This variety will primarily be applied to help you document and pay out your #taxes. Nevertheless, it offers other positive aspects including letting you have a bank account, credit card, and get a mortgage.

Exactly what are the Differences in #Tax_ID numbers?

Three of the types of Tax ID numbers are Social Security Number (SSN), Employee ID Number (EIN), and Individual #Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN).

Below we will quickly talk about the variations between Tax ID numbers.

SSN: This is basically the most commonly utilized Tax ID number that determines Sociable Security and Medicare insurance qualifications.

EIN: This number is used by businesses along with seld employed when processing business taxes.

ITIN: This #Tax ID is for people who are illegal immigrants and U.S. residents who don’t be entitled to a social security number.

Getting an ITIN

If you would like to begin the entire process of receiving your #ITIN, you are able to complete Form W-7 (IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). For Spanish Speakers, you might complete Form W-7 SP.

When filling in Form W-7 you will have to have documents available to confirm your identification. To turn in your documents you’re capable to email them in, going to an IRS workplace, or contacting an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent to process it for you Baraka Tax and Bookkeeping LLC is an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent, please call us today at 1-4692378402.

We know how stress-filled and confusing IRS paperwork can be. As a result, when you have inquiries about getting your ITIN, Baraka Tax and Bookkeeping LLC is a Certified Acceptance Agent, we can help you to address the matter related to your ITIN, please contact us at 1-4692378402 or email us at

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